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The soul without imagination is what an observatory would be without a telescope.


Henry Ward Beecher

Bob Highlands III (1951- ) was born at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, into a military family. He grew up moving and living in a large variety of places as most military kids do. He has a degree in Bible and theology from Mid-America Christian University (Formerly GBC)(1975) and a Masters of Theological Studies from Anderson University School of Theology (2007). He has served as a pastor of local church congregations for the last forty years.


His ability to communicate the Bible truths in simple and easy to understand ways has been a highlight of his preaching style and is now part of the way he presents these materials in book form. With a heart for the ability to help the individual understand and apply Biblical truths to their lives his books will take the reader deep into the Word of God and deep into themselves.


He has been married to his college sweetheart, Patti, since 1975.



The Paladins were the twelve peers who serve as warriors in Charlemagne's court. Under the leadership of Roland. They are credited with defending the Christian faith against pagan and non-christian religious armies particularly in the second half of the 8th century.  The Paladins are most noted for the battle of Roncevaux Pass on August 15, 778 a.d. It was here that the foundation for Knights dedication and life purposes was set in place.  The death of Roland and the twelve who served him at Roncevaux Pass in the Spanish Pyrenees mountains is seen as their greatest sacrifice to allow the army of Charlemagne to escape back to France. They were betrayed by one of their own a knight called Ganelon. He is Roland's step-father and the brother-in-law of Charlemagne. Angered by the extremely dangerous assignment he is given by Roland and his jealously for the great popularity of Charlemagne he helps in the attack at Roncevaux Pass that leads to the death of Roland and the other Paladins (knights).  Ganelon is later tried and torn apart between horses for his treachery. Dante places him is the deep pits of hell for eternity in The Divine Comedy.


Throughout history the word Paladin, as it is now pronounced, has served as a title for a knight that fights for a noble and just cause. Putting justice and chivalry above personal gain and fortune is seen as markers for those who would carry the title.  There is a great need in our modern time for true Paladins who are willing to stand for truth and be prepared to sacrifice even unto death for Christ, His Church and the eternal Kingdom of God.


The chess knight is seen as a symbol of the Paladins. It is seen as a vital piece in any chess game that is moved to the middle of the board where it can have the greatest effect in the battle. It moves in an atypical way being able to jump over other pieces and moving from one color square to another. The Paladins as knights of God are called to the center of the battle where they can have the greatest effect and where they face the most likelihood of  sacrifice for their King Jesus. Paladins of the Kingdom of God move and minister in atypical ways. Each Paladin is responsible to speak and work for their master in the center of the battle. Each using his or her gifts in a battle of the Kingdom of God vs. the forces of evil.

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