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I began with an on-line course in the summer of 2016 and did some of my earliest drawings in October of 2016. I draw for enjoyment and as a hobby. Most of my work is reproductions of others. I have a few that are OW or Original works. These are usually from pictures or are an adaption from a completely differently medium such as oil or acrylic. The lighthouse below was taken from an oil. The soda shop lower on the page is from a picture of a soda shop in the Caribbean.

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This is a Pen & Ink Watercolor I did of William Bailey's Verona which he painted in Oils in 1988 and measures 40 X 50 inches. Below is the process I used to reproduce it in Pen and Ink and Watercolors which finished is 10 X 20 inches painting.

First I drew it with Pencil and then went over it with Micron .005 Archive Ink Pen

I used Masking fluid to prepare it to put in the background.

Apply the background.

Starting the painting of the pots with watercolor. Always going from light to dark.

Continuing to apply colors.

Painting with shadows being applied.

Finished painting.

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