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Finding Jesus in the Old Testament

A Book Review by Bob Highlands III

The other day I lost my cell phone. I knew it was in the house but I could not find it. I looked everywhere while my wife watched and encouraged me to check someplace else to see if it was there. She was laughing and wanted to know where the last place I saw it at. I told her if I knew then I would not be looking for it. Then I heard my phone ringing and went into my office. My phone was on the floor under a stack of books. How it got there I will never know. My wife had taken mercy on me and had called it for me, without my wife I would never have found it.


What happens when you lose Jesus? That is what happened to two men returning to the village of Emmaus. Jesus' body was missing and people were telling strange stories. As they traveled a man came alongside of them and began to explain marvelous things about Jesus using the Old Testament.  "Then beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures." Luke 24.27 That man was Jesus and He made it the most memorable walk in history.


 David Limbaugh invites you to join in that walk and discover the truth about Jesus hidden in every book of the Old Testament.  This book gets four thumbs up and one thumb down.

Thumbs up Number ONE: The path through the Old Testament is one every believer should take looking for the markings of Jesus. Limbaugh takes you book by book and opens the scriptures up so that Jesus is no longer missing or hidden.


Thumbs up Number TWO: The overview of the Old Testament allows the believer and the seeker alike to discover that this is not just another book. It is a book pointing to Jesus and the long range planning of God.


Thumbs up Number THREE: Without the Old Testament the New Testament would make no sense. It is the groundwork and the foundation that points the way. The Old Testament is the shadow of Jesus coming cast across time.


Thumbs up Number FOUR: Limbaugh shows the covenants, offices, and truths that link every believer to all the stories of the past.


Thumbs down Number ONE: The one lemon goes to the treatment of the end of time. Limbaugh will make a lot of people happy with his millennial approach and acceptance of the theology of Scofield, Darby and others. I have written on this myself and strongly disagree with this very flawed theology about the end of time. This alone does not invalidate the power of this remarkable book.


This is a book I highly recommend to be read. Whether you are a seasoned believer, a curious searcher or a brand new follower of Jesus this book has something for you. Sometimes we need help finding what is missing in our lives. If you aren't sure how the Old Testament links you to Jesus today then join the two on the road to Emmaus and learn what Jesus told them. It is still valid and important today. My wife called by and I found my phone. Limbaugh wrote this so you could find and appreciate the Old Testament as it shows the coming Messiah, Jesus.


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